Mission Partners

The purpose of the Missions Committee is to pray for, promote to our congregation and financially support missionaries and ministries that preach Christ’s message of salvation; and to give our utmost encouragement and financial support to those who are called to serve.

People with an interest in missions are welcome to serve on the Committee. Hosts are needed throughout the year to provide hospitality to visiting missionaries, for example, a meal in your home, overnight accommodations, or lunch after church. For more information, please contact us at .

Domestic Missionary Partners

ALPHA USA, Long Island, NY
Bethel Ministries – Camp Ministry, Wise, VA
Diane Collymore, InterVarsity, Long Island, NY
Carlos & Tanya Santiago, CRU, AR
Chris Studley, Northern Frontier Camp, NY
David Seifried, PD Ministries, GA
Emma Ort, LI Youth for Christ, NY
Fellowship Baptist – Food Ministry & Building Fund, Coney Island, NY
Gary & Nancy Lengkeek, Adventures In Missions, Colorado Springs, CO
Guardian Angel Family Crisis Center, Sea Cliff, NY
Jaime Castaner, InterVarsity CF, NJ
Jen Halfant, LI Youth for Christ, NY
Jim Wickliffe, Children’s Bible Fellowship of NY
Jonathan & Annalyn Guest, InterVarsity, Pacific Northwest
Kim Moody, Young Life, Long Island, NY
Lisa Mar Yu, InterVarsity, Long Island, NY
Long Island Youth For Christ, Long Island, NY
Long Island Youth Mentoring, Long Island, NY
Mackenzie Pier, NYC Leadership Center, NY
Marvin & Denise Robinson, Missions Door, Rochester, NY
Matt & April Hiller, CRU, PA and Internationally
Moses & Marlette Sanchez, CRU, Metro NY
Pioneer Girls, Pioneer Clubs, Wheaton, IL
Ron Rhynd, Christian Service Brigade, Wheaton, IL
Scott and Kathy Matheny, International Students, NY
Walter Hoving Home, Garrison, NY

*International Missionary Partners

Arnold Linares, Missions Door, Honduras
Bob & Carolyn Jacobsen, Global Outreach, Uganda
Carlos & Yolanda Gomez, Equip International, Spain
Don & Nancy Richards, Kenyan Island Mission, Kenya
Duya Tsedevsuren & Munkhjargal Byambadorj, Transformation Mongolia, Mongolia
Jason & Lora Campbell, OMS International
Jim & Becca Oehrig, American Leprosy Missions, International
Jimmy Rivera, Mission Discovery
Juan Carlos Reyes, Missions Door, Nicaragua
John & Janet Cornish, World Venture
John & Missy Camiola, Beautiful Feet, Nigeria
Kevin & Kaori Laverman, World Venture, Japan
Jack & Theo Robinson, World Venture, Central African Republic
Larry & Sarah Campbell, Missionary Flights International
Mado Fernandez, Correll Missionary Ministries, Spain
Mark & Ruth Brucato, TEAM, Italy
Peter & Debbie Dodd, World Venture, Taiwan
Richard & Anne Hoyt, TEAM, Africa
Robert & Laura Mackey, World Team, Russia
Steve & Mary Ann Nash, World Venture, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tim & Marcia Monahan, World Venture, Italy

*There are a few missionary partners serving in sensitive areas of the world who have requested not to be included on a public website.