Bible Class with Pastor Steve

The Sunday Evening Bible Class features verse-by-verse teaching through the Bible by Pastor Steve Tomlinson and Pastor Nathan. Most classes begin with a fun quiz which is posted on the website prior to the beginning of each class and then graded together.

About Joshua: The Land of Promise | Syosset

The name Joshua means “Yahweh is salvation.” Like an epic narrative, the book of Joshua describes how God’s people enter and possess God’s promises. It details what it means to remember and revere a holy God and underscores the importance of obeying God’s instructions without compromise.

What does it look like to enter and possess God’s promises? What does it mean to remember, revere, and obey without compromise the holy God Who saves?

Join Pastors Steve and Nathan as they retrace Joshua’s footsteps and explore the many successes and failures of God’s people as they sought to possess God’s promises and keep covenant with Him. Most importantly, learn how to apply these insights of faith, obedience, and uncompromising holiness to your own lives while remembering the faithfulness of our covenant-keeping God.

This class will be in person but is also live on Facebook. Registration is required for the in-person gathering. Monday nights, April 12 - June 28, 2021, 7:30-9 PM at the Syosset Campus 


QUIZ  #9

Text of Joshua

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