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Unraveled - PDU 2020 - MC

Childcare | No


Wednesdays from 7-9pm, September 23, 2020 - June 23, 2021 at the Manhasset Campus.

We all want to experience genuine relationship—to feel loved and accepted for who we are. We give and give in relationship only to be left feeling disappointed and alone. Our negative sexual experiences and mistakes from our past hold us hostage, keeping us stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns. Is there any hope?

Intended for group use, Unraveled: Managing Love, Sex, and Relationships guides women through the process of healing—exploring how our past pain and trauma, family of origin, and life circumstances shape how we behave in relationships.

Through the use of personal stories, strategic tools and exercises, and weekly self-care lessons, Unraveled will become our guide. We will discover the core of our distorted beliefs, address the shame that drives our behaviors, and write a new ending to our story, crafted with hope and purpose.

Walk with us as we discover the truth of God's love and allow Him to transform our story through the power of His grace. Together we'll learn how to live an authentic, sexually healthy life. Join the journey today.

Registration fee of $40 covers the cost of the book.  This group is for adult women only. No child care provided. Questions? Email Annarose Wilson and Brianna Didomenico at

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