Steve Osorio - Technical Director

2 Kings 4:42-44 describes the prophet Elisha providing a meal for a hundred from a gift he had received as first fruits. He doesn’t pray over the bread, however, there was enough for everyone and there were leftovers as the Lord said there would be.   This passage should make us pause and give thanks for the blessings God has provided us. We live by pretty high standards compared to many in other parts of the world. That doesn’t mean everyone here has abundance. We must always be aware of the poor among us and do our best to assist them. I love that our church has so many ways to help others such as the Food Pantry, PB&J, and Project Nyame Nsa, to name a few. Thanksgiving may be over but our God is still the God of plenty and we can still provide for those in need. 

Michel Tomlinson - Administrative Assistant

I have been helping my parents move from their five-bedroom home of 36 years into a two-room assisted living apartment in Nevada. It has been back-breaking and heart-breaking, but also fun and nostalgic sorting through the accumulations of the years. I have found live ammo, airline memorabilia, bones (don't ask!), desiccated insects, baby items, report cards from K-12 grade, airmail letters from our years in Iran, photo albums, projector slide carousels of vacations, and birth, marriage and death certificates of family members. Memories can be wonderful even when they are painful such as when I found my brother's suicide note.  I have been reminded that the only thing we can leave this world with are other people. One day all of your stuff (yes, even your smart phone, Roku, Fitbit, or Apple Watch) will be thrown away but people are eternal.  Always choose people over stuff!

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