Reflection, Stephanie White

Butterflies. At first, we think of all the pretty colors, beautiful patterns on their wings, and how gracefully they flutter through the air. We aren’t first to remember the little crawlers starting off on the ground. Still beautiful in their own way, they come in all different colors and sizes with different designs and so forth. But they weren’t meant to stay that way. To become a butterfly, the caterpillar must be transformed. There is a process. They go inside the cocoon they have made and there they wait. They have done everything they know to do up to this point. We do everything we can, being obedient as best we can, and then the rest is out of our control. If we submit to the transformation process, the Lord will do the rest. Then, not only will we emerge from our cocoons bigger, stronger, and with more vibrancy…we will fly!

Reflection, Jerry O’Sullivan - 2.26.16

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Psalm 25:17 “Relieve the troubles of my heart and free me from my anguish.” I have been feeling the burdens of many in our congregation going through great trial because of disease, financial loss, betrayal and uncertainty in their life or family right now. As a pastor knowing the challenges and burdens of so many people often leaves my heart troubled and overwhelmed with anguish for the suffering of people I care about. The only thing that relieves “the troubles of my heart” is to pray. To pray for that person or situation that God has brought to my attention right then and there. To stop whatever it is I am doing and lift that person up in prayer and to continue to pray, whenever the person or situation comes to mind, until something happens. P.U.S.H. Pray, Until, Something, Happens is a tool that has allowed me to trust God and relieve the troubles of my heart through prayer.