Preetha Mathews - Communications Director

Lately I’ve noticed the sky changing from the brightness of a long summer’s day to an orange-pink hue, and I know summer is stepping aside for the beauty of autumn. I must admit I usually feel a bit melancholy at this transition because although autumn is my favorite season I know what follows – the brutal cold of winter, and the ghost of summer fading to memory. I know we each have our preferred season but we don’t get to pick and choose what seasons we keep and which we eliminate  - much like life. There are beautiful seasons in life that we wish would continue forever but, like natural seasons, they come to an end ushering in winter. But, in the isolation of winter while much of nature dies, beautiful things emerge. There is growth underneath the hardness of the ground and just like our lives God is growing beautiful things that will withstand the harsh sometimes unfathomable events of life’s seasons. He is working in all seasons of life-both bitter and beautiful. 

Mike Schuman - Elder

I love being a part of one of the Discipleship Essentials groups that Pastor Gregg put together. I meet with three other guys twice a month. We go through the Scriptures, encourage each other, and have a meal (one of the best parts)! This past week we were focusing on the Glory of God. We studied Revelation 4 and 5, specifically Revelation 4:11, "You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; For you created all things, and by Your will, they exist and were created." When you start to get a glimpse of who God is - God's Glory, His Majesty, His Power, His Greatness – it changes you. It changes how you pray. It changes how you worship. When you get a glimpse of Him, you can't help but be changed. That's one of the best parts of being in a group. We get a front row seat to see all that God is doing in each other's lives. You should consider joining a group for sure!

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