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Jeff Benz - Elder

I’ve recently added a new practice to my morning routine. Two minutes of silence in a comfortable chair. I use the timer on my cell phone to mark off the time. I encourage you to try it for a week. During that time (two minutes is good, but you can start off with a shorter interval) close your eyes, think about God, speak to God, maybe say “Jesus” over and over, maybe hum a few bars of a worship song. The devotional book that got me started on this discipline says it’s good for cultivating a posture of attentiveness and surrender and allows God access to the innermost parts of your life. I find it gets me in touch with God’s heart; in silence He reminds me who He is and who I am to Him. After the two minutes, read something from the Bible. I think you’ll find yourself more receptive and focused. After that, talk to God about what’s on your mind and what you hope the day will bring. If you see me in church next week, let’s compare notes on how it’s going.