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Reflection, Stephanie White

As I’ve thought back on 2016, I’ve asked these questions: Have I loved as I should love? Have I served as I should serve? Am I allowing things to hinder me from being all that I can be? What are those things? Can I give Jesus more of me? Am I holding back? Am I afraid? What am I afraid of? Am I running this race set out for me? I want 2017 to be the defining year. I pray that I, and even we His people, will love like we’ve never loved before. We will serve like never before. That we will run into the arms of Jesus every day. We will run this race unhindered and unafraid. We give in to nothing that keeps us from being all we were created to be. If the Holy Spirit ran our lives like we let others, who knows what 2017 could bring! I have big expectations for 2017. What’s yours going to look like?