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Reflection, Corey Johnson

Last week over 120 million Americans went to the polls to cast their vote for their nominee to be the next president. Many thought that Hillary Clinton would easily run away with this election, but as the polls closed Tuesday night, the unthinkable became the probable and the probable became a reality as we awoke to the news that Donald Trump had become our 45th president. Walking into my office the following morning, I could tell who voted for whom and it reminded me of what Pastor Steve said in last Sunday’s service.  Regardless of who won, a lot of people would be disappointed on Wednesday morning. As followers of Jesus Christ, there are two things we can do. The first is pray. We are instructed to pray for those in leadership, that they lead with wisdom, integrity and compassion. The second… trust God. In these uncertain times, we tend to focus on an individual to bring about change and peace, but the Bible reminds us that the peace we need can only be found by trusting in Jesus.  So today, let me encourage you to pray for our leaders and trust God.  I don’t know what the future holds, but I choose to trust in a benevolent God who will work all things according to His will and plan.