Reflection, Steve Perrone

If you are like me, you are deeply concerned about the direction our nation has taken over the years. There seems to be a complete disregard for things close to the heart of our Lord. What is the right response of a Christian? Clearly it is to pray, for our nation and our leaders. It is also to trust the Lord that in his sovereignty he is working things out according to his perfect plan but as I read scripture I see that wisdom teaches that we should be prepared as Christians for the possibility of difficult days ahead for we who believe. Our confidence cannot be in government, in Wall Street or any other man made form of salvation. Kathy and I have made choices to prepare our family for any future potential, cataclysmic or otherwise. If our nation enters a season of great peril we want to have the resources to not only provide for our own but for those the Lord brings to us. If you would like to chat about this with me, I welcome the conversations.