Reflection, Joe Varghese

As we draw near to Good Friday, we ask the question, “Why did Jesus die on the cross?” My answer? Because you are the most precious thing that God created. You are the beauty of life. These ideals, that God would give up His only Son to save countless sons and daughters annoys Satan! So he lurks, beware of the lie for it is happy to deceive. Satan deceives us by telling us that we are worthless, not smart enough, not good looking, not cool enough, that when we are hurt and feeling hopeless that no one understands. Do not be deceived! God has prepared another way, you can call on the name of Jesus anytime, anywhere! Please take note, you are loved. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on Easter Sunday!

Reflection, Jeff Benz

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Last month my wife’s older sister had a stroke that paralyzed the left half of her body. We, her extended family saw God’s mercies in various forms: an amazing recovery of partial mobility in the affected leg and arm, the kindness of people from her church who visited her and how much that meant to her, the activation of our own compassion, the answered prayers some of you prayed. We also had opportunity to feel frustrated: medical complications including an infection that required a hospital move and a second surgery, facility transfers that were delayed because of an ambulance not arriving, insurance not being as cooperative as we had hoped, and the general disruptions to our lives. In this world we have trouble. A small reminder (some people have lots more trouble than this) of two truths: This world is broken, and God’s grace shines through it.