Reflection, Sam Tanas

My wife and I were thrilled to have our daughter home from college and we began to remember the day we opened the Bible and decided to name our two children, Rachel and Rebekah. This memory led me to re-read Genesis 25:21 and God gave me a new thought: “Isaac married at 40 years old and he prayed for Rebekah. He prayed to the Lord every day for 20 years for his wife and not for himself, because she was barren. Then the Lord in his faithfulness granted his prayer.” The one thing that I want to learn, and do, is not to work or earn more material stuff but it's how to pray. Isaac learned to do this, that is why he was successful. In Romans 4:20-22 God had promised Abraham that he would become the father of many nations and He would bless his children and all the earth through his descendants. Abraham and Sarah as well as Isaac and Rebekah lived with the inability to produce children until God intervened. This taught me that the enemy will fight you the hardest and the greatest in the area that God wants and intends to bless you the most. The place where God wants to use you will always be the place where you will find the greatest challenge from the enemy.

Reflection, Ren Jainarine

Relationships, friendships and fellowships are such a beautiful thing in the eyes of the Lord. When someone is down there are others to pick that person up. I’m getting married this summer and Lauren and I have seen the blessings of being engaged but how the enemy is trying to disengage us and using our loved ones, too. It makes sense! We are being obedient to Mark 10:8 - we are doing what the enemy hates - which is awesome but tough! By allowing and asking for God’s Spirit for help, by doing devotions, praying together, having faith and serving-you’re essentially building God’s Kingdom on earth and crushing the enemy’s territories! Having Christ as the center of your home, relationships and community you will see mountains move, a revival take place and a creation of a family, a team and an army! Philippians 1:9-11