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Spiritual Growth at Home or On the Go

We are always looking for ways to effectively fulfill our church mission of leading as many people as possible into a joyful and growing relationship with Jesus. One of the most important skills we can develop as a church is for everyone to have the ability to grow spiritually on their own.

We can't be together all the time, but we’ve come up with a way that our church can speak into your life 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It's a way that you can be encouraged in your daily walk and help in your hours of need. Take a look at this 2-minute video.


RightNowMedia has over 2000 video sessions, featuring teaching from a host of well-respected pastors and teachers on almost every subject that impacts your daily life. Log in to visit the offerings and use it on your own, with a group, or with a friend. Watch it from the couch, the coffee shop, or the train. If you have questions about Spiritual Growth, Marriage, Dating, Finances, Parenting, plus lots more . . . it’s all in here. This is just another way that we want to help you live out your faith every day.

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