Contribute Class

Discover your SHAPE for ministry and learn how God doesn’t waste an experience. We encourage everyone to take our Contribute class as part of their spiritual journey. That is why we made it one of our 3 membership classes. Everyone in a family serves doing something - and God's family is no different!

Contribute will help you discover your:

Spiritual Gifts - God has given everyone spiritual gifts to serve the community of believers and the world around us.

Heart - The passions that move you to action and stirr your heart.

Abilities - Everyone has special talents and abilities that are unique contributions to the world.

Personality - Our personality plays a big part in where we serve best weather you like to serve with a team, work alone or other aspects of who we are.

Experiences - God will use the victories, failures, joys and difficulties bringing redemption and fruit from all our experiences.

All of these are explored and you will have a Contribute guide to help you discern where you could serve in a way that is life giving and purposeful to you. 

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